Open a Salvage Food Store With One Load


The most asked questions is simply this: How much inventory will I need to get a salvage food store open? Will I need to buy an entire truckload consisting of 48 pallets or can I get by with less. We recommend starting with a full truckload and use un-merchandised pallets as back-stock to restock your store within one to two weeks. . . . → Read More: Open a Salvage Food Store With One Load

Salvage Food Standing Orders For Stock

salvage food suppliers

I probably don’t have to tell you that securing salvage groceries ongoing can be a problem. Truckloads of salvage groceries sell out very quickly, sometimes it may seem as though you pick up the phone to call your supplier only to find out they are sold out continuously.

Salvage food suppliers work with reclamation centers . . . → Read More: Salvage Food Standing Orders For Stock

Locating Your Salvage Food Store

Your salvage grocery store

When the time comes to securing a location for your salvage food store there are several key issues to keep in mind. A location can make or break your business, so it is best to take your time when researching geographic locations, traffic and store size.

Location: Consider a store front that is already located . . . → Read More: Locating Your Salvage Food Store

Investigating Salvage Food Suppliers


Stocking your salvage food store can be frustrating as supplies of banana box groceries can be few and far between. Full truckloads do not sit very long and often when you call your salvage food supplier, a load will be gone. It is best to establish a regular schedule of purchasing and build a relationship . . . → Read More: Investigating Salvage Food Suppliers