Salvage Food Reader Question


We welcome questions from our blog readers about all aspects of starting and operating a salvage food store. Today, a readers writes in to ask how often they should reorder salvage food for their new store… . . . → Read More: Salvage Food Reader Question

Open a Salvage Food Store With One Load


The most asked questions is simply this: How much inventory will I need to get a salvage food store open? Will I need to buy an entire truckload consisting of 48 pallets or can I get by with less. We recommend starting with a full truckload and use un-merchandised pallets as back-stock to restock your store within one to two weeks. . . . → Read More: Open a Salvage Food Store With One Load

Visiting Salvage Food Stores

Salvage Grocery Store

Over the holidays my family visited relatives down in the Bay Area, which has been a tradition for us for many years. I took the opportunity before Christmas to visit a couple of Salvage food grocery stores to check out their operations. I like to assume I am a local customer and try to find . . . → Read More: Visiting Salvage Food Stores

Interview with a Salvage Food Retailer


I spent some time with a friend who opened a salvage grocery store down in Sacramento, CA asking a few informative questions. I think her answers are not only revealing, but will inspire some of you who are thinking about getting into this business. Take a listen:

When did you open your store and how is . . . → Read More: Interview with a Salvage Food Retailer

Opening a Salvage Food Store In Your Town

Salvage Food

Ride the wave of the economy by appealing to those who are actively searching for ways to save money. Everyone has to eat to sustain life, correct? Resell a product that is in demand right now: discounted salvage groceries.

It does not take a huge amount of money to open a salvage food grocery store, . . . → Read More: Opening a Salvage Food Store In Your Town