Starting a Salvage Food Business At The Flea Market


There are plenty of salvage food retailers who started their salvage food business at their local flea market, and there are those that continue selling salvage groceries at the swap meet. If you are thinking of opening a salvage food business, but lack the necessary capital to open a traditional store maybe the flea market . . . → Read More: Starting a Salvage Food Business At The Flea Market

Salvage Food Reader Question


We welcome questions from our blog readers about all aspects of starting and operating a salvage food store. Today, a readers writes in to ask how often they should reorder salvage food for their new store… . . . → Read More: Salvage Food Reader Question

Locating Salvage Food Supliers


One of the biggest questions we encounter here at the blog is related to inventory sourcing, specifically “How do you find salvage food suppliers?” You can search online using the following terms:

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Salvage Food Health Perception

canned goods

Operating a salvage food grocery store takes a lot of effort in the area of customer satisfaction and perception; from the start people will always have a preconceived notion that most of the food found in your store is old or in some way compromised. Let me back up and restate: new customers will have . . . → Read More: Salvage Food Health Perception

Open a Salvage Food Store With One Load


The most asked questions is simply this: How much inventory will I need to get a salvage food store open? Will I need to buy an entire truckload consisting of 48 pallets or can I get by with less. We recommend starting with a full truckload and use un-merchandised pallets as back-stock to restock your store within one to two weeks. . . . → Read More: Open a Salvage Food Store With One Load