Secrets Revealed...
How to start a salvage food business!!

Discounted salvage grocery stores are opening up all over the country as smart entrepreneurs have realized they can sell name-brand groceries at a fraction of large chain store prices. Because discounted groceries help people stretch dollars! BUSINESS IS BOOMING!

The Opportunity...

Did you know that millions of dollars of grocery items are simply "rejected" by grocery stores each day for reasons such as package damages, dents and near-dating (approaching freshness dates).

Did you know that this "rejected" food can be purchased "wholesale" and then resold to the public at liquidation pricing? Small business owners are making a killing reselling salvage food because of our economy.

With job layoffs, the housing crunch, and the ever increasing cost of living, people will be beating your doors down to buy name brand groceries at unheard of pricing. These budget minded people do not care about the appearance of their Captain Crunch cereal...they just want to save money!

The Reason...

This is your chance to finally start a huge business!

Diane Sawyer from ABC World News reported on this unique opportunity and how one store owner in Colorado is experiencing tremendous profits helping customers save big dollars on name brand groceries...

It makes no difference what size the salvage food store fact, opening a small warehouse style store creates a sense of urgent liquidation pricing. Either way, small or large salvage food stores are making a ringing in profits!

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for...

If you are going to retail a product or products, why not base your business on something that is needed every day? The secret to a successful business is selling a product or service that everyone can use, right?

Not only is food an everyday necessity, people are also looking to save money buying food. Your business will provide a daily need and a means to help people save money! A double rainbow!


A Business With Consistent Daily Sales!

People will be amazed at the low pricing you can offer! You’ll be doubly amazed at how profitable this business can be!


The Knowledge...

...No experience needed!

Our guide will walk you through the steps!

We start off by introducing you to the grocery industry and the Salvage food opportunity; we then move right into the start-up process, helping you organize the foundation of your new business!

Next comes the day-to-day operations chapter where we cover critical areas such as inventory pricing, merchandising, sanitation concerns & much more! Now you'll be grounded in the operations side of the business and can move on to the chapter on store marketing. Oh, and did I mention our glossary and appendix where we offer tons of critical information and resources?

Our guide puts you in contact with some of the largest salvage food suppliers within the country! We found they will be your source for inventory!

Legal, yes keep it legal. As a food retailer, you’ll need permits and licenses. We’ll explain them to you and show you how to complete them and where to file them.

As a food retailer you will be subject to annual and periodic health and safety inspections. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered...! We dedicate a whole chapter to this subject!

What percentage should you use when you mark up your inventory of salvage? We explain how to price food within your store..consistently.

We have the one secret that will not only increase your store's profit margin, but will also keep customers coming in...again and again!

We're answering all of your questions...

Take a deep breath before you read through
the following list...

  • Starting on a shoestring
  • How much retail space will you need?
  • Choosing the right location
  • Naming the business - critical advice
  • In depth interviews with current salvage food store owners
  • Why the backroom is critical
  • Setting up the business legal structure
  • Help with a business plan
  • Why you will need insurance
  • Explanations of grocery product dating
  • Explanation of licenses and permits you must have
  • In depth explanation of health and facility inspections
  • What services you must have as a salvage food retailer
  • Explanation of pallet and truckloads size
  • Explanation of freight delivery
  • Buying salvage food from wholesalers versus Brokers
  • Salvage food versus closeout food
  • Equipment you will need
  • Store fixtures needed
  • We will explain multiple revenue streams to insure success
  • How to figure out your cost of merchandise
  • How much to mark up your salvage food inventory
  • Critical Payment methods you must accept
  • What about food stamps and EBT?
  • Soft and grand opening steps, along with ideas
  • Setting up a website
  • Why you will want a salvage grocery blog
  • Marketing your salvage grocery business
  • Using the power of social media to attract customers

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Alaine Hill
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