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You've found a site completely devoted the liquidation food industry! While this might seem like a narrow niche to devote an entire site to, we're certain you have heard about salvage food grocery stores. Maybe you have a scratch 'n dent canned good store close to your home.

Where does all this discounted food come from and how can one get started reselling salvage food? These are the two most popular questions we're asked.  You will find answers to these two questions and many more. If you're thinking about opening a salvage food store, please bookmark this site!

What is the average markup on Salvage Food?
This depends on several factors, but most retailers are reselling food with a 50-70% markup from their cost. Even with a 50-70% markup, salvage food retailers are able to sell name brand goods, found at any grocery store, offering a tremendous discount to their customers.

Read through our Articles about Salvage Food retailing, and when you're ready, check out our comprehensive guide entitled, How To Start A Salvage Food Grocery Store.

Salvage Food making mainstream news on ABC

Just as Diane Sawyer said, Salvage Food grocery stores are pooping up all over the country. With more month than money, people need to stretch each paycheck. Salvage food stores are making a killing helping people save money on name brand grocery items.

Experienced or not, our comprehensive guide to will enable you to organize, open, and successfully operate your own salvage food store. The guide was written by an expert within the liquidation industry who has spent the last twelve years teaching people how to profit selling secondary market goods. Read more about Rob Cyr.