Salvage Grocery Store Interview

Salvage Food

Over the last few years I’ve been fortunate enough to meet dozens of people who have started their own discounted food or salvage grocery store. Steve and Melissa of S & M Grocery are just as vibrant and passionate as every other young entrepreneurial couple I’ve meet. They opened a salvage food store fifteen months . . . → Read More: Salvage Grocery Store Interview

Educate the Market – Salvage Food Makes Good Economical Sense

Salvage Food

If you plan on opening a salvage food store in a town with little or no competition, you should plan on a marketing campaign that aims to educate the general public as to the cost savings, along with the safety of salvage food. From the start, the words salvage food does not conjure up an . . . → Read More: Educate the Market – Salvage Food Makes Good Economical Sense

Processing and Merchandising Salvage Food

Salvage Food

The hardest part of retailing salvage food is working with items getting them ready for merchandising on a sales floor. Salvage food is stock that in some way is comprised be either dating, condition, or both and requires effort and time prior to stocking your store.

Cleanliness – When you buy pallets of salvage food . . . → Read More: Processing and Merchandising Salvage Food

Salvage Grocery Health Inspections

Salvage Food

A salvage food grocery store is subject to annual and periodic health department inspections just like the local restaurant found on the corner in your city. Health inspectors will be performing inspections of your facility making sure you are adhering to regulations surrounding the safe handling of food products.

A written report will be . . . → Read More: Salvage Grocery Health Inspections

Building Repeat Business

Salvage Food

Once your salvage food store is open for business the trick will be making sure people come back and and again to purchase. There are several ways to establish repeat business, but the best way is through social media efforts. Unless you live under a rock, most people are online chatting with friends through Facebook, . . . → Read More: Building Repeat Business